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03.01.11 - 23D FILMS begins production on a 10-part motion comic webisode for Syfy Channel's Warehouse 13.

02.01.11 - 23D FILMS completes work on an animated children's TV pilot Blue Marble Gang.

09.05.10 - In partnership with Starburns Industries, 23D Films begins production on the Christmas stop-motion special of NBC's hit TV comedy show Community.

08.01.10 - National Geographic commissions 23D Films to produce CG animation for upcoming TV show Humanly Impossible.

02.05.10 - 23D Films produces Sport Science 3D CG Animation for this week's ESPN Super Bowl NFL Countdown show.

02.02.10 - Joe Russo produces live action short called Renegades. The short was officially selected for Sundance 2010. Read the reviews...

05.28.09 - Base Productions contracts 23D Films to produce CG segments for season 3 of Nat. Geo's, "Fight Science"

05.08.09 -
23D Films delivers first CG segment for upcoming A&E episodes of "Crime 360".

04.28.09 -
23D Films delivers first CG segment for upcoming Spike series, "Jesse James is a Dead Man".

03.18.09 -
Rhino Records engages 23D Films to produce Music Video for rock super group "Heaven & Hell" (DIO + Black Sabath).

Painless Prod. teams up with 23D Films to design main titles for new Spike show called "Marked".

23D Films, Inc. welcome Harry Paakkonen as their new CG Lead.

- 23D Films, Inc. teams up with Base Productions to create explosive CG and VFX for 2 new shows. 

02.02.09 - Superbowl XLIII airs a Career Builder ad produced, in part, by the VFX team at 23D.

01.28.09 - Online sensation "Afterworld" creators Adam Sigal and Brad Markowitz walk away with a new 2D pilot called Bellboy! produced 100% by hand and in-house.

12.12.08 - Dakota Pictures engages 23D Films to produce VFX and compositing on upcoming episodes of HBO's - The Flight of the Conchords. Stay Tuned!

11.20.08 - 23D Films teams up with Secret Identity to produce the latest trailer for the upcoming release of Code Master's - Rise of the Argonauts.

10.08.08 - 23D FILMS is collaborating with Method and MJZ on a Super Bowl spot for Career Builders.